Health Care Hero, Dr. Patrick Lyons

Patrick Lyons, MD
Patrick Lyons, MD

Dr. Patrick Lyons, Instructor of Medicine in The Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine has been attending in the COVID ICUs and leading the clinical operations on the ground in these units since March 16.

The clinical work has involved admitting critically ill patients with diagnosed or suspected COVID-19, performing urgent critical care procedures like intubations, central lines, and chest tubes, rounding on these patients with the team of fellows and APPs, and staying in contact with patients’ families via telephone.

The administrative work involves creating and updating our handbook of procedures and protocols and working with the nurses and other clinicians to adapt to the “usual” way of doing things to the pandemic situation (for example, instituting a morning/evening huddle for the entire team, since many nurses and physicians have been pulled from different areas and don’t know each other well).

Dr. Lyons has seen 12-18 patients per day. He has epitomized dedication to patient care and “all hands-on deck” mentality; working the most ICU shifts out of all intensivists, while being separated from his family. He is very deserving of recognition for his efforts.