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Health Care Hero, Dr. Colleen McEvoy!

Dr. Colleen McEvoy, Assistant Professor of Medicine in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine has provided extraordinary service to critically ill patients. Dr. McEvoy has been maintaining the scheduling and logistical coordination.

She is the co-leader of the COVID Critical Care task force. Since COVID-19 is a new disease, they needed to very quickly provide information on management to the teams working on “the ground”. Dr. McEvoy and her staff collaborated with numerous specialties to develop COVID management guidelines based on the experience with other diseases, supplemented with clinical experience of COVID-19 at BJH and from colleagues around the country and globe, and incorporated the rapidly growing published scientific literature on COVID-19.

She has worked with WUSTL Anesthesia and Neurology Critical Care colleagues to develop a surge plan staffing model. She was responsible for staffing the COVID ICUs. In order to keep the teams including attendings, fellows and APP up to date with COVID, Dr. McEvoy has been coordinating weekly Zoom COVID updates. She has also been working with Wash U Peer Support Group and Psychiatry to develop wellness resources for providers during this high intensity time.


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